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The Portable Video Converter, convert your videos anywhere!
(you can even copy R0ck video to your iPod's HardDrive)

What is Rockvid?

R0ckVid is a Front end for FFmpeg that allows users to convert
Videos to their rockbox for there rockbox media players!
This program comes preloaded with everything you need to get videos
up and running on your rockbox player!

While with most converters you will be required to memorize,
not only the width and length of your player screen (in pixels)
BUT!!! Also the video rate, audio rate, and more! And this does not even
include the setup for widescreen! that's a whole nother set of numbers you have to remember!

With R0ckVid, all you need to know is what Player you have!
Have and iPod video??? just press "1" and R0ckvid will set the screen size for you!
..What’s that you wanted it in WIDESCREEN? no problem,
R0ckvid will ask you if you prefer "Widescreen" or "Fullscreen"

And for the ADVANCED users, R0ck vid has full Manuel controls, too!
So you can pick your screen size, and even your video and audio rate!

...and Lastly, with most video converters,
you can only have a few videos convert at a time,
most only allow one video at once! That would take forever!
But with R0ckVid, you can have as many R0ckVid windows open
as you wish, and let many video's convert at once!